Allopathy Vs Homeopathy in Viral Fever

What so ever is going on nowadays in the name of treating persons suffering with viral infectious diseases is disdain in the name of generosity and remedy? Only individuals who have precise understanding about the nature of virus and disease it produces, escapes from the command of some unintelligent Clinicians. Today we have very few antiviral drugs as compared to antibacterial antibiotics which are increasing every day. These so called antiviral drugs have drastic side effects Such as cytotoxic activity. Bacteria mostly habitat in intercellular space and are very susceptible to micro doses of antimicrobial poisons so called antibiotics, But on the contrary Virus habitat in intracellular space (in Side the cell wall) and cell protects the virus of its best. Thus only those antimicrobial poisons can kill the virus which can kill the cell itself infected with virus. Thus these antiviral drugs are cytotoxic. Thus we cannot rely upon antiviral medicines; instead we have to rely upon innate power, our own immune system to combat the killer viruses. Antibacterial antibiotics have no role in the treatment of viral diseases; use of Antibacterial antibiotics makes the viral disease worse and protracted. Most of the acute viral diseases are self-limiting by their own or with the appearance of secondary bacterial infection (Bacteriophages). In most cases of viral disease, appearance of secondary infection with bacteria results in annihilation of viral infection. Thus when a person suffering with viral disease is treated with antibacterial antibiotics, it only disrupts microbial ecology and helps in providing strongholds for viruses in suffering individual. In well-organized higher life as in human beings, there is some innate power to fight against viruses. In the infinitely long past, from repeated invasion by microbes, life force of human beings had learned enough to combat with pathogenic micro-organisms. In Homeopathy medical art and Science, High Potency Homeopathic Dilutions and quality herbal Homoeopathic mother tinctures helps in improving the innate power (life Force) of living being. Scientific Homeopathy Helps in Curing permanently by improving immunity without any adverse effects on general health of living being. Homoeopathy always provides rapid gentle and permanent cure in cases of acute and chronic diseases.

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