Dietary treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

On waking up in morning – Drink 2 glasses of water five to ten minutes apart (near body temperature) – better from overnight stored water in copper container (vessel), you can also use Silver container or silver coin in container on alternate day

After half to one hour of taking water, emptying bowels (Passing Stools) and doing some exercises – take ten Basil leaves with ten grams of ginger

then eat plenty of fruits – minimum 400 grams. (Except mango, grapes, Cheeku)

After one hour – (Mix Vegetable Soup – Drumsticks, Mushroom, Amla, Tomato & Seasonal Vegetables)

After that only boiled vegetables.

Water at 12 pm, 1pm and 2 pm

At 3 PM – salads. (Minimum four hundred grams).

At 4 pm – sprouts and vegetables including dal.

Water at 5 pm and 6 pm

Soup at 7 PM

Vegetables at 8 and 9 pm

Note – Consume fruits salad and vegetables with skin without peeling maximum possible. Peel or Skin of fruits and vegetables contains lot of minerals and Vitamins.
Avoid Dairy Products and cereals.
Eat calcium-rich foods, including beans, almonds, and dark green leafy vegetables (such as

Can also some eat sweet potato.

Hundred grams of potato daily is safe.

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