Causes of common Diseases

Hyperacidity is caused by erroneous diet and too much mental stress.

Too much consumption of salty foods and mismanagement of emotions causes Hypertension.

Dyslipidemia is caused due to indulgence in too much fatty foods along with going without exercise .

Asthma is due to disturbance of oxygen supply to lungs, Sad feelings also causes derangement of lung function.

Indulgence in food (grass seeds,  added sugars and milk products) results in Diabetes,  but narrow mindedness and obstinate nature of a person suppress the insulin production in pancreas.

Kidney stones are commonly due to Calcium Oxalate,  uric acid and phosphate deposits, but Repression and suppression of emotions may also lead to renal calculus.

Prolonged anxiety (tension) along with other common causes like excessive indulgence in milk products may cause  Spondylitis or Spondyloarthritis.

For Prevention of diseases and
For protracted and  healthy life
(1) Try your best to Increase your peace of mind – do meditation regularly.
(2) Maintain your physical fitness – Exercises maximum possible and regularly
(3) Don’t stay idle or stand still – keep on moving,  do some tasks.
(4) Laughing is one of the best tonics for you and fellow citizens.
(5) Be more friendly with fellow human beings and all living beings.

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