Homeopathy – Rapid Gentle and Permanent cure

Contrary to common perception, There is miraculously rapid cure in Homoeopathy for most of the Acute Diseases especially those of viral origin e.g. Viral Fevers with or without Eruptions like Chicken Pox, Measles, Cold And Flue, Chikungunia, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Viral Hepatitis etc., Viral Diarrhea, Viral Parotitis (mumps) and uncountable other acute viral diseases. If we compare patients of acute viral diseases treated in Homeopathy with patients of acute viral diseases treated in Allopathy (modern medicine) then average duration of treatment per patient under Homeopathic treatment comes out to be approximate 50% less as compared to Allopathy. Not only Homeopathy is rapid in healing acute viral diseases it also protects patients from untoward adverse effects of antiviral Allopathic medicines. In Allopathy, mostly divergent medicines are prescribed for diseases of viral aetiology leading to devastating momentary relief at the cost of life. Anti-inflammatory antipyretic medicines by hindering the enduring battle of life force against microbes only facilitate the viruses to make inroads into more vital organs like brain, lungs, pancreas, liver, kidney, ovary and testes etc. Anti-histaminic and steroids obliterate the immune process of life, Antibiotics by preventing secondary bacterial infection in sick living being already suffering from viral infection prolong the sickness because bacterial entry in viral sickness only curtail the duration of viral infection in viral sickness by engulfing viruses, hence antibiotics only disturb the ecology (natural balance) of microbe in viral sickness in living beings. Antiviral drugs being cyto-toxic when prescribed do more harm than good because they destroy all the cells infected with viruses along with large number of non infected healthy cells of living being. Homeopathic Medicines enhances the life force fighting against viruses through increasing the immunity for ongoing infection along with improvement of immunity for future.

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