HOW Homeopathic Medicines work in case of Fever – Pyrexial Diseases?

The tiny dose of Homoeopathic Medicines to some extent move up the thermoregulatory set point located in Hypothalamus (part of Brain) of living being naturally required for the rise in body temperature in order to deactivate the microbes (Disease Forces). The effects of tiny dose of Homoeopathic Medicines simulates the Biologic Activities of Pyrogenic Cytokines like IL-1, TNFa, AND IL-6. The potentised dose of Homeopathic Medicine (just like PGE2) act as an artificial fever-producing means without inflicting any injurious effect to the sick living being when prescribed on symptom similarity and in infinitesimal low doses. The infinitesimal low doses believed to mediate the required rise in the thermoregulatory set point. With the new, higher “thermostatic setting, signals go to various efferent nerves, particularly those sympathetic fibers innervating the peripheral blood vessels, which in turn initiate vasoconstriction and promote heat conservation also initiating behavioral changes such as seeking a warm environment, putting on more clothes, and special posturing. With the shunting of blood from the periphery and these behavioral changes, the body temperature usually rises to some extent; if the hypothalamus calls for more heat, shivering (involuntary muscle contraction) is triggered to increase heat production. The combination of heat conservation and increased heat production continues until the temperature of the blood bathing the anterior hypothalamic neurons matches the new “setting.” At that point, the hypothalamus maintains the new febrile temperature until majority of the microbes (disease force) are killed or inactivated. As Soon as the majority of the microbes (disease force) are killed or inactivated, the life force of sick individual recognizes the requirement for lowering the body temperature and the hypothalamic set point is reset downward by the disappearance of stimulating Homeopathic medicine (acting like Pyrogenic cytokines) and microbes (disease forces). Vasodilatation and sweating dissipate heat through radiation and conduction from the skin. Behavioral changes, such as the removal of insulating clothing or bedding, may be triggered. When the war is over the minute dose of homoeopathic medicines also triggers the production of endogenous antipyretic substances. These include arginine vasopressin, adrenocorticotropin etc., each of which appears to alter the ability of endogenous pyrogens to stimulate prostaglandin production.

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