Summer Diarrhoea (Gastroenteritis)

Loose motions

Summer Diarrhoea or loose motion in kids during first few years of their life is too worrisome to young couples and grandparents.
Mostly it is caused by some infection, mostly of viral origin, also may be due to indigestion, intolerance of food milk and allergies. Some time teething may be the only cause.
Role of Antibiotics is very limited, Instead of doing good It can aggravate the condition leading to prolonged diarrhoea By killing healthy bacterial flora in digestive tract and facilitating yeast infection . We have no option of hygienic nutritious food availability even in best reputed outlets of Gurgaon, only unhygienic contaminated food is available In Gurgaon and other parts of NCR region Delhi. You can eat best quality food at your own kitchen only. But after awareness of food bill passed in Parliament last year, condition may improve.
Fast acting effective and safe Homeopathic Medicines along with Correcting the underlying resultant dehydration will provide prompt relief without disturbing healthy bacterial flora. As far as first aid is concerned, switch to liquid diet like plenty of oral rehydration salt liquid, coconut water, Bael (wood apple) juice, lemon tea, green gram dal liquid etc. Then you can search for best Homeopathic gastroenterologist doctors in Gurgaon for safe and effective homeopathic Medicines.

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