Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles (Haemorrhoids) are simply engorged Haemorrhoidal Veins (swelling of venous blood vessels in the vicinity of anus and rectum) due to portal congestion, straining too much while passing the stool, injury due to impacted hard stool in rectum and toxic effects of some food items.

These are neither tumour nor warts but are simply painful wider than usual veins in the anus and rectum that cause pain, itching, burning and blood leakage with stool.

If these enlarged Or swollen veins comes down outside anus then one may need to be pushed it back after passing a stool, because these external lumpy veins are more painful than internal one.

Haemorrhoids are also aggravated in certain other conditions like obesity, chronic liver disease, portal hypertension, ulcerative colitis and during pregnancy.

Best effective treatment is Homeopathy with change in life style with high-fibre diet, along with avoiding toxic food.

In few patients (in order to provide relief), a surgical procedure may be required to remove the haemorrhoid (in medically irreversible condition).

Food items To Avoid :- Amchoor Amchur, Ajwain, Elaichi Cardamom, Imli Tamarind, Laung Cloves, Teekha-Mirch (Red-Green), Fig, millet, Cluster Beans, Brinjal-Eggplant, sesame, peanuts, pickle, Buckwheat Flour, Pain killer Medicines,

To eat more fruits like :- Apricot, plums, prunes, peach, Guava, Orange, Papaya, Pear, Mosambi (Sweet orange) and others except mangoes, also take Salads.

One can continue with cumin seeds (jeera), CORIANDER (dhaniya), turmeric (haldi), Aniseed-Fennel, MDH Degi mirch in minute quantity, and all other food items not mentioned above, unless not forbidden due to other Ailments.

In Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad and other NCR region peoples are frequently consuming street food and other junk food containing toxic ingredients injurious to liver and general health. One should always go for best quality nutritious food available. Most natural life style, best quality food, best homeopathic medicine and best homeopathic doctor is the only answer for staying fit and healthy. There are numerous homeopathic physicians in a Sohna road Gurgaon, near sector 47, sector 46, sector 33 Gurgaon, sector 38, Uppal South End, Vatika city, Central Park South City 2 Gurgaon, Vipul Green, Malibu town etc.

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