Chikungunya and Homeopathy

Chikungunya is very painful illness with varying gravity of health hazards, Which varies from patient to patient.

Chikungunya is caused by viral infection after mosquito bites. Usually signs Symptoms appear after 6 to 8 days of mosquito bite. Fever, joint pain and swelling, rashes, headache are common symptoms.

Mostly a self limited illness needs medical attention for painful symptoms.

Treatment of symptoms like Fever and pain with anti inflammatory drugs is very injurious to health in chikungunya and other fevers of viral origin.

Good nutritious diet, plenty of fluids, complete bed rest and Best selected safe effective Homeopathic medicine for it’s treatment is the best answer in chikungunya and other fevers of viral infection.
Eupatorium Perf, Bellis P, Occimum Sanc, Tinospora Cor And Rhus Tox are some of the commonly used Homeopathic Medicines which can cure chikungunya in shortest possible time with out any adverse effects.
For critical care, patient should go for multi speciality hospital especially in cases of haemorrhagic fever.

In NCR region especially Gurgaon, Faridabad and Delhi, peoples are more prone to panic for chikungunya and tends to change consultant frequently thus consuming irrelevant medicines frequently.

Excessive use of medicines in chikungunya results in life threatening complications.

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