Pomegranate peal

Pomegranate peal soup Or juice

For good digestion – Whole pomegranate Or Pomegranate peal soup and juice is very helpful.

For making soup – you have to simply boil the Whole pomegranate Or Pomegranate peal in tap water for ten to fifteen minutes and drink the liquid part (soup) after cooling. It’s better to take
One cup of Whole pomegranate Or Pomegranate peal soup fifteen minutes before lunch.

Pomegranate peal powder, soup or juice contains lots of antioxidants beneficial for staying healthy, it will also help in preventing cancer and other life threatening diseases.

In males, it may prevent the benign hypertrophy of prostate and prostate cancer.
In females, it may prevent uterine fibroids And cancer of uterus And ovaries.

Antioxidants in pomegranate peal are useful in delaying And slowing down the arteriosclerosis by preventing And stopping the oxidation of low density lipids. Thus very useful for prevention of ischemic heart diseases and ischemic brain diseases (myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, brain stroke etc)

Additionally, pomegranate peal is helpful in deworming, it can ameliorate the cough in allergies and infection both.
It helps in amelioration of symptoms of colitis and irritable bowl diseases.

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