Psychiatry and Homeopathy

Whether Homeopathic Medicines can cure psychiatric illnesses?

In many of the psychiatric problems (mental health issues) Homoeopathic treatment is very helpful. In those cases where person (Patient) himself is cognisant of his mental conflicts (without loss of touch with reality),

Homeopathy can certainly help in ameliorating the condition like anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, low sense of self-worth, behavioral symptoms such as phobic avoidance, vigilance, impulsive and compulsive acts, lethargy, cognitive problems such as unpleasant or disturbing thoughts, repetition of thoughts and obsession, habitual fantasizing, negativity, dependency, aggressiveness, perfectionism etc.

Homeopathy is useful in  functional mental disorders involving chronic distress but neither in delusions nor in hallucinations.

Allopathy (Modern Medicine) can better answer psychiatric problems with total loss of touch with reality.

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