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Polycystic ovary Disease

Polycystic ovary Syndrom or Polycystic ovary Disease (PCOS PCOD) is more trending among modern society due to unusual (unnatural) and stressful lifestyle. High androgen levels resultant of faulty lifestyle prevent regular ovulation causes acne (Pimples), extra hair growth, weight gain…

Scope of Homeopathy in skin diseases

Generally patients with both acute and chronic skin diseases seeks help in Homeopathic Medicines. Usually acute diseases per se are intermittent episodes of some ongoing silent chronic skin disease processes or other internal illness. Homoeopathy is equally effective in all…

Kidney stones

Renal Calculus Disease (Kidney stones) is very common and painful health problem in Modern times. Contrary to common perception It’s not an acute disease, but a chronic disease state with episodes of acute pain (renal colic